Monday, January 24, 2011

Signature Style

We all have our own signature style. Whether it be frilly and romantic, chippy and worn, upscale and sleek, or maybe a combination of everything...eclectic. In this antiques and home decor business there is always someone who we look at- who has a great sense of style that we may get an idea from, that may give us a new way to go on our buying, designing or even the concept of how we will create our displays or windows.You really always have to be thinking of how you will be evolving your style to change with what customers are looking for. But as for your personal style it is just something that is unexplainable sometimes. It is the people you see walking down the street who just look so effortlessly put me that is style. Shouldn't our homes be like that? I think things shouldn't look so over done. A more collected look. Our store had the privildge to have Rachel Ashwell come in and shop. It was great that she was able to take a few things with her. She has a new book coming out and it looks like it is going to be a good one! Now there is a woman with style!
As always, Live the life you love ~ VIctoria

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