Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Sale

Did we have fun or what?! The weather was fabulous and together we had a ton of great merchandise out at our "cleaning house" sale this weekend! WOW is all I can say! Who new we had compiled all of this great stuff in our garage's, storage unit's and backyards. We saw the regulars who always come to shop and met some new interesting people. Friends stopped by to say hello and I only wish we would have had time to sit and chat awhile with them. It was gorgous weather. I have a confession to make though... I was suppose to be selling things to make way for the new things I plan on bringing home from my trip to Texas. Weeelll.....I bought something.I couldn't resist buying a beautiful metal hinged basket from Sandy. I do have a weekness for baskets. We sold A LOT! We had some laughs. We enjoyed the weather. All in all it was a great Saturday!

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