Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I couldn't resist a collection of clock faces, that I found at one of my recent  flea market outings. There is just something so wonderful to me about some of the old faces. Some are aged with rust and some look untouched by time. Displayed together these clock faces really make my heart sing. Some of the things I buy, I have to "borrow" until I am ready to sell them. Such is the case with these beauties! I will be busy working at my desk and I will look up and there they are, displayed on twig branches, in a big old urn...they make me smile. Funny, I am talking about clocks, and time...I find that lately I never have enough time! But in this busy crazy life of mine, with family, work and antiques, I am having the time of my life. To be doing what I love and what makes me happy is such a joy. I hope that you take time to surround your self with the things that bring you happiness. Just take a little time!


  1. you are so right girl...i live by your live the life you love cliche! beautiful post victoria!! thank you!

  2. Thanks Kathee! Getting ready for the Speckled Hens Show?

  3. Victoria, I am so glad I found your blog. It is beautiful. I need to come by the store again and check out the new things. If your wondering who I am? I always come by your estate sales with my daughter. Check out my blog. I am a baby blogger, but learning fast. Congrats on your online store.

  4. Julie & Danni~
    You are so NOT Baby bloggers! I checked out your blog it is beautiful, lovely feeling. I became a follower!
    ~ Victoria