Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I just want to thank some very special people, for two very special weekends! First off my friends, The Three Speckled Hens, thank you so much for everything. Each show is a wonderful show, and this one was the best ever! The friendships, the laughter and the return customers are amazing and so are The Three Hens Kathy, Susi & Carrie. Love you girls so much! Can't wait until the April Show! Second is the Remnants of the Past Vintage Show. Judy this new venue was great and everyone loved it! I want to thank you  and all the wonderful people who helped to make this show run so smoothly.The customers can't wait to come back to the next show in June! Thanks Judy! I want to also thank all of the customers and friends who stopped by to introduce themselves and to say a kind word, or to take pictures. So nice to talk to everyone!  And lastly my friends Kari and Sally who helped make both shows so successful. means so much to me & to have these people in my life. I am a very lucky girl!
Have a great week


  1. It was good to see you at THE THREE SPECKLED HENS SHOW!Your booth was gorgeous and I love my purchase!Fun too to have stopped by your shop on the way up to the show!Have you seen the new issue of ROMANTIC COUNTRY LIVING??Your mentioned and Iam in the issue too!Beautiful write up.You may notice a few items from years 52!

  2. I loved that spread in the magazine, but didn't put it together that it was yours! Yay great 6 page spread! I am afraid that if you stopped on the way to the show the shop was a little skimpy! We as a group have been hoarding such wonderful finds. I hope you will I hope I am there the next time you stop by!
    Enjoy your weekend! XO

  3. Victoria, thank you for stopping at my booth in Long Beach! Always good talking with you. Loved the article in Romantic Country and wish you lots and lots of good business!

  4. Sheryl~
    I had such fun shopping in your space at Long Beach! I found so many great things! Thanks for your kind wishes...I send them back to you as well! Hope to see you soon! XO