Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Texas may have my heart .... but I found some great things in that Lone Star State! What a great place. After a week of walking the fields of Preview week, we found some wonderful things to bring home. We packed the truck full and were almost out of money, so we decided it was time to head home!
Girls have to wear their boots while in Texas!
The old motel sign was amazing....
but it had an amazing price tag that went with it!
I have a terrible weakness for vintage horse show ribbons!
I just couldn't resist these creamy ribbons in all sizes...they are yummy!
We were working hard, but we took a moment to stop ad admire these beautiful animals. This cutie seemed to pose for the camera! This was one of my favorite moments of the whole week.
We had a wonderful time. I am already looking forward to our next buying trip...
Hhmm, maybe the next time we will head to the Midwest! Here we come mom!

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