Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer Inspirations

Warm summer days and cool summer nights, make a girl want to change her surroundings....ok, ok...that happens around my house a lot! But really this time of year I do change quite a few things.... for instance the summer pillows get purchased, the shell collection comes out and of course, I spend a lot more time in my backyard. One recent thing I am so excited about, was to put a great iron bed out there between two birch trees. This great bed was from an old hotel down in Los Angeles and has retained some of its original patina. I have some great fluffy pillows out there and I do spend time out there listening to my fountain and of course good music...while reading a great book. The whole family loves to sit around the fireplace and roast S'Mores and eat dinner out there, but the one spot that has become just for me is that great old bed. You might try it in your backyard.It really is unexpected!

Don't forget to live the life you love....


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