Tuesday, August 16, 2011


A good customer of mine, JoAnn told me the next time I was in the Arroyo Grande area, to stop in and visit a store called Ron's. So while up in Grover Beach this week, I did just that! As I walked in the door this booming voice yelled "hello" and around the counter came Ron. I explained who I was, and let me just say...we became fast friends! What a fabulous store. I just fell in love with everything. It is very tranquil there and and its style is a lot like my own. You will find designs from local artisans as well as pottery, wonderful lighting, books, antiques & recycled tresures. Stop in and visit Ron. Please enjoy the photo's I took while I was there.
This great area in Ron's store had reclaimed pots and old books but also offered these great clocks. They would look wonderful in your home!

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  1. The rope around the old clocks is sure eye candy! Then nested with other old chippy pieces makes a very nice vingette....nice blog...good job on the new website....Mel's Designs from the Cabin....Mel