Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Sometimes you just have to hit the road with a few good friends and see what adventures you can have!
My friends Dustin and Chris of Uber Chic Home and I, headed along the coast towards the wonderful Alameda Point Flea Market, which is unfortunately a not so wonderful 6 hour drive. With one rental truck and one truck and trailer filled to the max, they picked me up and we got started on our drive. They sell at this show each month  & I tag along every other month or so to shop! As we drove North we stopped up in Paso Robles to have lunch. We picked up our good friend Sally and finished driving the last three hours! We couldn't wait to get there, as we were anxious to see our favorite trio... The Three Speckled Hens who were also planning to shop the show and pass out show flyers for our upcoming Three Speckled Hens Antique Show April 14 & 15. I want to share a few photos from the weekend.
We had a great time and the weather was fabulous!

Dustin, Victoria & Chris taking a minute to pose.

End of the day fun with Sally! 
This fabulous goat cart was calling her name!

A trailer full of great finds! It's always like Christmas when you get
home and unpack everything you bought!

Contact The Three Hens
Kathy, Susi & Carrie of The Three Speckled Hens 
Shared a great Mexican feast with us SO FUN!!

What a wonderful nights sleep we had at Sally's Beautiful home!
So comfy and tranquil inside and out...Thanks Sally!

We headed home happy. We saw old friends and made lot's of good memories.

We are already planning our next adventure!
Life is adventure, make your's count, with people who matter!
Have a great week
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  1. Where is Sally's home?!!Looks enchanting.....sorry you guys couldnot pop over to HEN HOUSE in LAFAYETTE.Next trip call me and I can open doors for you either before or after hours.I'm cheaper then flea in ALAMEDA same great stuff!15 minutes away from ALAMEDA.
    www.vintagehenhouse.com.Looks like a fun road trip!

  2. Victoria...this is so special! I love your post! Thank you for sharing your pics of my FAV BOYS! See you soon girl...lets get together! xoxokathee

  3. Hi Victoria,
    Looks like you all had such a blast. Seeing that picture of Sally makes me realize how much I miss her since her move. So looking forward to seeing you all in April at the Three Speckled Hens. Save me a seat at dinner so we can play catch up.

  4. Victoria, It looks like so much fun. I want to go with you...

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  6. Oh I am so sorry, did not mean to say "what a mess"!! ha ha but A Beautifull Mess !! forgive me,
    I always remember the storybook by that name of the afghan hound that collects everything as far as he goes and brings it into the house...which is good in this case!! he he ..Colette

  7. ...and in the process to try and correct my mistake, I made an even bigger boo boo...deleted the comment and bla bla bla..
    wanted to say I love your blog, so happy to have found you via "A Beautiful Mess" and looking forward to follow you. Happy to add you to my bogroll too, thank you for inspiring.
    Colette ~ South Africa