Monday, January 23, 2012


This past week I woke up at a very scary hour in the morning...or should I say middle of the night...
and got on my way with my partners in crime and hit the road! I am not a morning person, but give me a container sale to get to ...and I am awake! My very good friends Dustin and Chris of Uber Chic Home, had a  container come in from Europe and here are a few photos from the morning.
I think I drooled when I saw this assortment of fabulous, footed, galvanized bathtubs come out of the container... I think I heard a collective sigh from each person there. They are wonderful!

 Beautiful armoires, wonderful tables, and these fabulous large old crates &
jars of all sorts captured my attention! 
 It was fun for me to look through the bags of linens in search of my favorite European sheets. I adore the texture and quality of these sheets. It is very hard to find these antique sheets in good condition.
Dustin and Chris had quite a few of them and I grabbed all I could!
 Wonderful Galvanized buckets and troughs came off the container,
 as well as antique bathtubs with stands that had beautiful patina's.
 As usual, there was way too much joking and laughing! Me and my buddy Dustin from Uber Chic...
Where is Chris? Working a deal I think!
 If you are ever in Pasadena on Arroyo Parkway or in Brentwood, you have to stop by CiscoHome. 
Cisco is a great guy, Tell him, that I told you to stop in! His store is filled with the most amazing things! 
I guarantee you will find something you have to take home with you!
Oh! Coffee delivery boy! 
You should have seen the spread of food that the guys had for everyone! 
And the best thing ...was mimosa's! 
My early morning partners in crime...
( L to R)  My friend Kari who helps keep me laughing at my antique shows,
Myself & my Beautiful Mess Chicks Marilyn  & Karen.
Hope your having a great January!
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  1. What a fun morning!!! Got some wonderful things to take into "The Mess". Thank you to Chris and Dustin for the early container sale and to Victoria for the invite :)

  2. How fun!! You and Dustin look like you could be brother and sister in that great photo! Thanks for sharing the pictures Victoria ;D

  3. o man...i wish i were there...looks like you all had a great time!

  4. I miss ya'll SOOOOOO much!!! I GOTTA find some time to head your way!!! I don't know how in the world ya'll had the presence of mind to take pictures. My head woulda been spinning!!!! XOXO to all ya'll!!! Jennie Montgomery